Open plan kitchen and living space with classic touches.


The Contour Construction Group was established with a simple goal: to bring the professionalism and experience of a reputable custom home builder to the underserviced renovation market.

We take great pride in providing detailed pricing and black and white contracts comprised of the full scope of work. We  have learned that the extra time and transparency at the beginning of the project goes a long way in assuring a seamless transition from start to finish and empowers our clients in making educated and accurate decisions throughout the process.

At Contour we offer many different services, from renovation projects or home extensions to ground up design and construction projects.

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A kitchen is no longer just a kitchen, it is the heart and hub of your home. It is designed with a purpose: to create, gather and entertain.

Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyle. To many, it is the most important room in the house, and this is no exception for realtors, designers and contractors. The resale value of a house depends greatly on the kitchen.


Getting wet goes without saying, but successful bathrooms not only keep water in its place, but also have a layout that works, storage that accomodates and finishes that pamper.


Once used for storage, the basement today has evolved into an extension of our living space.
Being up to speed on all building codes is essential to a successful basement renovation.


The bedroom is a space for you to relax and rejuvenate. Whether it be new doors + windows, walk ins, or additional space, a bedroom remodel is a sensible return on your investment.