Kitchen 1


A kitchen is no longer just a kitchen, it is the heart and hub of your home. It is designed with a purpose: to create, gather and entertain. Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyle. To many, it is the most important room in the house, and this is no exception for realtors, designers and contractors. The resale value of a house depends greatly on the kitchen.

An open kitchen space taking advantage of as much natural light as possible to brighten the room using a large window framing the backyard view. This modern kitchens has a classic touch using marble as the accent wall.

Kitchen 1

The Contour Group did everything they said they would. From their pricing to their timelines, it could not have been any smoother. They worked with me from everything from design to telling me what was and was not a good idea. They were not “yes men”; I loved that the most about them. Well done Contour!

Ms. Kafka